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Weekend Cedar Bark Course
at Field Farm Project
Thursday 11 – Saturday 13 May 2017, 10am – 4pm

This unique course allows you to spend 3 days in the forest, submerging yourself in the whole process of harvesting tree bark and creating woven utensils.

The first day will involve harvesting the bark from the tree source, discussing traditional methods and modern restraints and choosing the best material. Time will also be spent harvesting the cedar roots with digging sticks and then stripping the bark off the roots and splitting for later use. Once we have harvested and processed the bark and roots we will make a simple canoe bailer using folding techniques..

The second day we will prepare the bark by cutting it into strips and then move onto the weaving. Choice of basket design will either be a traditional Native American square based design with a bias weave and a folded woven border technique or a round bottomed vessel with a split spoke giving an odd number of weavers so that you could use a single weaver to rand around.

Also covered will be the essential skill of cordage making, using the fibres of the bark to make rope and string.

Please bring your packed lunches, we will provide tea, coffee and biscuit breaks throughout the day.

Max group size: 12
Price: £210 per person
Instructors: Mollie Butters & Nick McMillen
Please call 07979 321369
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