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Otzi knife making   Otzi flint knife   Otzi knife   Otzi knife course
Otzi Knife and Sheath Workshop
at Field Farm Project
September 2016 (date TBC) 10am – 5pm

In September 1991 a 5000 year old mummy was found frozen in the Italian/Austrian Alps. The mummy was named after the valley next to where he was found. Otzi (pronounced ‘urtzee’) became one of the most exciting archaeological finds of the century. He had been shot with a flint arrow in the back and had died along with all of his day to day equipment. This included amongst other things, an unfinished yew bow, a hazel frame backpack, birch bark containers and a flint Dagger in a lime bark sheath.

Over the two days you stay with us you will learn the skills that will enable you to create the flint dagger and lime bark sheath.

Led by Will Lord day one is all about the dagger and a real immersion into the different technologies used to make it. You will be shown basic flint knapping techniques to create a blade, how to extract sinew from deer legs and process into fibres, how to twist cordage using sinew fibres and lime bark then pine resin glue. Using these skills and under Wills careful and detailed instruction each student will finish the day with a beautiful flint dagger.


The second day is led by Nick McMillen and focuses on making a lime bark sheath for your dagger. We will start by discussing the details of this process and methods of harvesting and preparing the lime bark; then go straight into weaving the sheath for your dagger. You will be shown the technique of twining, a basket making weave that is used the world over in many different ways to produce a diverse range of containers. Over the day we will look at replicas and images of the original artefact to help you get an idea about how Otzi’s sheath might have been made.

By the end of the course you will go away with your very own flint dagger hafted into a wooden handle with a custom fitted twined lime bark sheath and a deeper understanding and respect for the knowledge and skills our bronze age cousins held.

Max group size: 10
Price: £160 per person for two days
Instructors: Nick McMillen and Will Lord
Please call 07979 321369

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