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Health and safety    
All of our activities at Field Farm Project are designed
to give you safe access to the farm and surrounding landscape.

  • Visiting staff or group leaders should familiarise themselves with the Site Specific Emergency Procedures and ensure that all staff are appropriately prepared.
  • Generic Risk Assessments are produced and updated by Field Farm Project staff.
  • Schools and group leaders need to consider any specific risks associated with bringing their group to the farm and planned activities e.g. medical, behaviour, travel etc.
  • Please present the leading staff for your trip an updated register of the children/group present on the day. Visiting staff should have access to medical and emergency contact details of all attending.
  • We require a ratio of at least one responsible adult per six pupils with primary aged children or one adult per ten students for the older age groups.
  • Children need to be closely supervised when in direct contact with animals and should not let the animals suck their fingers.
  • All visitors should wash hands immediately after any activity, particularly contact with animals.
  • Younger children must be carefully supervised to ensure their hand washing is thorough (using soap and warm water).
  • Children should be discouraged from putting their hands on their face or fingers in their mouths.
  • Ensure that any visitor with a cut or abrasion keeps it covered, e.g. with a plaster, for the duration of the visit.
  First Aid:
  • First aid boxes are sited in the kitchen and in the main barn and are clearly marked.
  • Field Farm Project staff carry first aid kits when leading groups.
  • Group leading staff are all qualified first aiders (HSE first aid at work - appointed persons)
Accident / near miss:
  • Any accident, however minor, should be reported to Field Farm Project staff who will administer first aid if necessary and ensure that the incident is reported.
  • A written report is required for any accident or near miss.
Fire Safety:
  • The fire assembly point is in the main
    car park outside the barn.
  • Elsewhere on site follow the instructions
    of the staff.
  • Emergency services can be summoned
    using any of the staff phones.
Schools and groups outings in hampshire   Schools and groups outings in hampshire   Schools and groups outings in hampshire   Schools and groups outings in hampshire
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