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School activities, KS1 & KS2   School activities, KS3 & KS4
From Deep Down
A day exploring the origins and properties of rocks and soils.  Covering basic rock and land formation, this day is very hands on, collecting samples from the surrounding landscape then investigating their properties and uses back in the barn. 

Where The Wild Ones Live
Study our badger sets, search for the clues left behind from the buzzards, red kites, woodpeckers, roe deer and hares in a variety of habitats. Woodlands, hedgerows, meadows and pond life are all to be explored, studying animal, insect and plant adaptations.
Basic surveying techniques of butterflies, invertebrates, trees, plants and mammals can be undertaken, relating any of these to food chains.
This session can be a combination of any of the techniques or habitat exploration mentioned.

Movers & Shakers
Explore the amazing variety and ways seeds disperse and start their new lives.   Gathering seeds from the garden, the woodland and meadows around the barn, study seed cases, structures and life cycles, collecting and drawing from the woodland and the garden.

Native Creative
Art and crafts inspired by nature; choose from a fabulous array of creative crafts using natural materials.  Magical mobiles, natural paint, willow sculptures, mud monsters, fabulous felting.

Into the Wilds
For all budding explorers and adventurers; basic orienteering, map work and clue following. Gathering information and evidence to make a large-scale, collage map of the farm and the surrounding landscape.

Sensory Sensation
Exploring our senses in nature.  A range of activities and experiences focusing on our sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.  Opportunities for creative writing and art, inspired by our sensory responses to the environment.

Wonderful Weather
Become a meteorologist for the day, learning about the elements that make up weather, different types of weather and climate around the world.  Take readings from our mini weather station, have a go at cloud spotting and take wind speed recordings on a ‘windy walk’!
We offer full or half day trips to develop field study techniques at Field Farm Project.  With over 70 hectares of farmland to explore there is plenty of scope to design your project
Biodiversity surveys, sampling techniques, species identification and estimating population size are some of the skills and techniques to chose from.  As well as learning practical skills such as using survey equipment, pupils will plan their own investigation, collect, record and analyse data and present their findings.

Look at the activities for KS2 as you may be able to adapt some of the ideas for older students e.g. butterfly and moth surveys or invertebrate surveys.

Extra Curricular Activities for Key stage 3 & 4

Our instructors specialise in woodland crafts, ancient technologies and survival skills.  We offer single sessions or ongoing enrichment programmes including: fire lighting skills, making water safe, shelter building, knife skills for basic wood carving, camp craft skills, open fire cooking, artefacts and baskets from willow and tree bark and many more.

All activities can be adapted to meet your specific aims, please contact us if you wish to discuss ideas further.

Schools and groups outings in hampshire   Schools and groups outings in hampshire   Schools and groups outings in hampshire   Schools and groups outings in hampshire
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