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Social & therapeutic gardens    
A fundamental aspect of the Field Farm Project is the development of our 2 ½ acre field into a social and therapeutic garden.

Currently we have a lovely walled sensory garden accessible to all those who use the barn, but we also have plans on a much more significant scale.

From experience and research we know that gardening and interaction with nature and the ‘great outdoors’ provide not only an opportunity for learning but also promote health and well-being and enable social inclusion.

This knowledge is inspiring us to develop the field, to provide a stimulating and motivational space for people to take part in gardening activities to suit their particular needs and requirements.

  Some of the features we are developing:
  • A large wild flower meadow for exploration and peaceful meditation;
  • A forest garden modelled on the structure of young natural woodland, utilising plants of direct and indirect benefit to people and wildlife, many of which will be edible plants;
  • Allotment plots for growing your own produce;
  • Raised beds for easy accessibility;
  • Living willow structures, including tunnels and dragons;
  • An Osier where we will grow our own willow for the willow-weaving courses we run;
  • An outdoor kitchen for cooking wild foods and our home-grown produce;
  • An outdoor classroom;
  • An area called People and Plants.  Growing here will be many of the plants humans utilise for different purposes: herbs, dye plants, medicinal plants and fibre plants. We will harvest many of these plants for our courses, demonstrating the diversity and uses of many species of plant;
  • A sound garden.
We love to be creative and will actively encourage groups who share our gardens to create sculptures,
art and be inspired in their ideas and garden design.
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