12th – 14th August 2022

4 Day Course   Time: 9am -5pm


This 4 day course is designed to give the participants a good understanding of the bow making process and for them to leave with a well made bow that will last. We use laminated staves made up of a bamboo back, purple heart core and a lemon wood belly. These staves produce fast and durable flat bows and longbows.

We will tailor make your staves to suit the type of bow, draw length and draw weight you require, ensuring you leave with a bow that is perfect for you.

With stave in hand the initial bow making process will then begin using traditional hand tools and techniques. Once the bows are roughed out, we then move onto the real bow making, tillering, the process of training the bow to bend. Different techniques will be explored to give students a comprehensive understanding of this process allowing them to produce a bow that will arrive at draw length and draw weight. String making and types of materials will also be covered along with arrow making. At the end of the course the group can then try their new bows and arrows on the range.

This course is led by Nick McMillen who has been making bows and teaching bow making since 2006. He is currently apprentice to Master Bowyer Paul Reed, with the aim of becoming a Master Bowyer himself with the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers.

Please note that this course is self-catering, although we offer home-made cakes, biscuits and drinks throughout the course.


£400 per Adult

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